Start saving on your electricity bills with solar panels from SunEnergy.

With traditional electricity usage, consumers purchase all of their electricity from a utility company and they pay one large bill every month. When you switch to solar energy, because the solar panels provide the majority of your energy, you pay a much lower, reduced amount to the utility company!  And while electricity prices can fluctuate and traditionally increase every year, SunEnergy can lock you into a lower electricity rate for the next 20 years!



Federal tax credit.*


State tax credit.*


Savings on electric bills.

A Lifetime

of lower electricity bills.

In addition, some of our customers may qualify for additional incentives and may choose to own their system from day one. In that situation, these energy saving and cost efficient solar panels will absolutely increase the value of your home. When it comes time to sell your house, your initial investment will be repaid and earning you money.

There are several affordable options available to get you started on a solar panel installation on your home. Financing plans are available as well as the option to lease the solar panels.

*Consumers should consult with their tax professionals to discuss their eligibility for these programs.