Go Solar

Lower your electricity bill today by converting your home to solar power.

When solar panels are installed on the roof of your home they generate 100% clean electricity.  The electricity that the solar panels generate can replace the majority of the electricity that you are currently paying for every month. Once the solar panels are installed, your electricity bill will immediately be lower.

Solar panels are an environmentally smart choice as well as a wise investment for your home. We offer our customers the option to purchase the solar panels directly or select a financing or leasing option that works the best for them. And with the supplemental energy harnessed by the sun, you will lock in to a lower electricity rate for the next 20 years.

We also offer maintenance plans for your solar generating system.  Routine maintenance can ensure that your solar panels and the entire system are always performing at the highest level of efficiency.

If you want to potentially increase the value of your home, save money on energy bills and make an environmentally friendly investment, then solar power is the right choice for your Long Island home.

Many businesses and organizations are going solar! Business owners can absolutely benefit from a solar transformation to their commercial building. Small, medium, and industrial-scale businesses can benefit from solar energy through immediate savings, favorable financing terms, tax incentives and high return on investment.

For many businesses, government offices and school districts, solar energy has become a popular and practical energy solution. In addition to immediate savings, solar energy promotes cleaner, more affordable energy for their community.

Solar energy is a smart, economical, and environmental choice for many businesses today.

Save money on hot water and heating bills by installing a solar water heating system.  Customers can reduce heating costs with a solar hot water heater and are also entitled to state and federal tax credits and utility rebates.

So much cleaner than oil or gas, this environmentally smart decision can significantly cut back on your conventional water heating methods. Use the energy from the sun to provide hot water for your home with great efficiency and low energy costs.

Start harnessing the clean energy from the sun and make a smart choice for your family today.

How Solar Panels Work


After the solar panels are installed on your roof, the sunlight strikes the panels, creating energy that is converted into direct current (DC) electricity.


This direct current electricity is moved through an inverter device that has also been installed. The inverter converts the DC electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity which provides a source of power to your home.


A net meter is also installed outside your home.  The net meter functions to monitor and direct the power flow to and from your home and your utility company.


During the hours of daylight, the solar energy that is produced provides power to your home, ultimately reducing your electricity costs. During the night hours, when the solar panels are not producing electricity, you will utilize (a reduced amount) of power from the utility grid. The net meter completely manages this process.

SunEnergy offers solar solutions that meet any need and fit any budget. Our work is guaranteed and we offer a range of financing options so our customers can enjoy all the benefits of solar energy.