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Long Island Solar

Long Island Solar

Switching to solar power on Long Island doesn’t have to be a pain. SunEnergy handles every step of the process, from planning designs to installing solar panels. We even provide maintenance after installation.

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Solar Long Island

“We could not be happier with the solar panel installation on our home!  SunEnergy worked with us from the financing to the installation. They are experts at what they do!” — Dave and Lisa Ellis (Ronkonkoma)

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Welcome to SunEnergy.

We provide solar energy across Long Island.

Founded in 2009, SunEnergy offers high quality installation of solar panels.  Our experienced technicians and our first-rate customer service make it easy to “go solar”.

SunEnergy offers solar solutions that meet any need and fit any budget. Our work is guaranteed and we offer a range of financing options so our customers can enjoy all the benefits of solar energy.

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We provide sustainable energy for Long Island homeowners.


Long Island solar options can potentially increase the value of your home and save you money on energy bills. If you want to make an environmentally smart investment, then solar energy is the right decision to make.

Long Island solar energy options include solar panels installed on the roofs of homes or businesses, where the cost of electric power can be expensive. Solar panels convert sunlight directly to electricity and more electricity is produced when the sunlight is more intense.

Solar energy will not only save you money in electric bills, but you may also earn tax credits or rebates for harnessing solar energy! The upfront costs of Long Island solar energy installations may intimidate some homeowners but the benefits far outweigh the cons.

Sun Energy Group also offers a variety of financial options including purchasing or leasing. Once you have installed solar panels on your Long Island home, you will immediately start saving money on your monthly electric bill.

There are several affordable options available to get you started on a solar panel installation on your Long Island home.

Once you have installed solar panels on your Long Island home or business, you will immediately start saving money on your monthly electric bill. Financing plans are available as well as the option to buy or lease the solar panels.

Solar panels are a smart choice as an energy source for the future, and Long Island homeowners may be able to take advantage of a state-sponsored program to help make this advanced and lucrative energy choice.

Contact SunEnergy today for a free estimate and see how you can start harnessing solar energy, increasing your Long Island home’s value, and saving money. We will provide you with an evaluation of your home and a customized quote for the solar installation that suits the needs of your Long Island home.

If you want to potentially increase the value of your Long Island home, save money on energy bills and make an environmentally friendly investment, then solar power is the right choice for your Long Island home.